How to stop the overwhelm and introduce a basic skincare routine

Gone are the days when we had a couple of simple choices to make with our skincare routines - Olay or Ponds before bedtime? In fact did we even used to call them skincare routines? It's understandable that it can sometimes feel really overwhelming when there are so many different options to choose from now and some people will end up giving up in desperation as nothing seems to work. 

When working with clients I'll always start with their skin history. Even the smallest changes in lifestyle, medication use, activity levels etc can make a huge difference to how our skin is behaving! Think of the skin as a bit of a puzzle, we have to fit all of the pieces together correctly to get it functioning effectively. 

Although every skin type and condition is different, there are a few vital and important steps that I recommend incorporating into any routine. First of all we always start with cleansing. Effective cleansing is vitally important to ensure that you are removing all traces of dirt and sebum from your pores. A single cleanse in the morning is sufficient but a double cleanse is recommended at night in order to remove makeup before the skin is cleaned effectively. Proper cleansing also allows any additional products to be properly and fully absorbed by the skin.

Next is hydration. Many people mistakenly believe that they have dry skin when in fact their skin is dehydrated. If this is you you're not alone! It's estimated that as many as 98% of us are experiencing some form of dehydration. Signs that you may be dehydrated include sallow or dull looking skin that crepes easily when pinched lightly. The great news is that you can make a significant difference by simply using the right moisturiser morning and night. 

The third step in introducing a basic skincare routine is (you know it's coming!) sun protection. It's recommended that you introduce a physical zinc based sunscreen rather than a chemical one as a physical sunscreen will deflect and block the sun whilst the zinc contains healing properties, giving you more effective protection against UVA and UVB rays whilst improving your skin's texture. 

The easiest way to determine which products will be most suitable for you and your skin type is by getting a proper skin diagnosis and individual skin care plan to suit your skin. Want some extra help with your own skincare regime? You can get your own individual plan emailed to you by completing an online virtual skin consultation by clicking here, filling out a quick form and attaching a couple of snaps of your skin (takes 5 minutes - promise!). Your plan will include details of a basic regime as well as optional recommended extra daily and weekly treats to supercharge your skin. The best news is it's completely free!

Simone x

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