Exfoliation 101 - Power Couple

Exfoliation 101 - Power Couple

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We’ve paired and packaged that healthy skin GLOW in the limited-edition ‘Exfoliation 101’ duo of Exfoliating Cleanser and 3-IN-1 Fruit Peel Mask perfect for a DIY, at-home skin-pick-me-up!

While regular, gentle exfoliation rids the skin of redundant surface cells, the combination of both Physical and Chemical Exfoliation is the most effective way to healthy, glowing skin. Exfoliating Cleanser (Physical) relies on four different sized particles that, via friction, rid the skin surface of redundant cells. 3-IN-1 Fruit Peel Mask (Chemical) removes redundant cells by dissolving the glue that binds the cells to each other. 

Combining the two ensures redundant cells are free to move up to the skin surface and be successfully sloughed off for a bright, radiant and glowing complexion! For a limited time only, purchase Exfoliating Cleanser and pay just $30 for 3-IN-1 Fruit Peel Mask. That’s an RRP of just $94 and a saving of 27%! 



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